CPC Member Portal

This section is only for members of CrossPointe Church that have been added to our database. Members have access to their member profiles and can edit as needed. Additionally, members can view and print their giving statements. Please contact the church office should you need assistance with gaining access to your profile.



Leading an Event at CrossPointe Church

Those scheduling events should assume all responsibility for that event.

All events must be elder approved. If your event requires use of the building, it will be reviewed by an elder once you complete this form. If you feel like your event requires further explanation than the form allows, you can schedule a meeting with an elder to discuss it. If the elder approves the event, you can then complete the form to work toward securing your date(s) and communications.

When planning an event, keep in mind that a 3-4 month lead time provides for better preparations, effective communications, and a smoother roll out over all. Additionally, other events may already be scheduled so a long lead time is needed to ensure we can accommodate the plan. 

Leading an Event & Building Use Request Form